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  • I already have a domain name, can I use it here?
    Yes. You will simply need to alter the DNS information of your domain to our systems.
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  • How do I setup my domain name on my account?
    You can go to the site administration screen (under the Admin tab) and select the Setup Web Address button and follow the instructions.
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  • How long will it take for my domain name to be setup?
    It usually takes 24 hours after you register or modify the DNS settings for an existing name for it to be available for use.
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  • Can I have more than one domain name point to my site?
    Yes. Additional names may require additional fees. Contact support for more information.
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  • I tried to register a name but it was not available? Why?
    It is likely that name has already been registered by someone else. You will need to try to find another name that is not already taken.
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  • I have a typo in a domain name I registered. Can you change it?
    No. Unfortunately, domain name registrations are final and can't be changed. You will need to register a new name with the correct spelling.
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  • If I buy a domain name, will I be listed as its owner?
    Yes. You will be the owner of the name and would be listed as its owner.
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