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eCommerce Website Builder

The EdirectHost Website Builder put's eCommerce first, giving your business all the tools to succeed online.

Smart Shopping System

Present and sell your digital or physical goods in an engaging online store.

Product Pages

Showcase your products and in-stock inventory with custom displays.

Coupons and Discounts

Bring more customers to your site with custom deals and discounts.

Store Manager

Track orders, manage your inventory, and print invoices from your desktop or mobile.

Flexible Payment Methods

Credit card, PayPal, offline payments compatibility—commission free.

Ecommerce Reporting

Know exactly what actions are taken on your site and use them to make informed decisions.

Community Management

Our community management features let you build spaces for your audience to interact and build informed reports on what to do next

Polling Booth

Track orders, manage your inventory, and print incoices from your desktop or mobile.

Message Boards

Build a safe online space where your audience can interact with each other.

Chat Rooms

Create chatrooms to answer customer questions in real-time.

Easy FAQ Builder

Make the answers to your audience's most frequent questions easily accessible.

Live Feed

View actions on your site in real-time.

Strategic Marketing

eDirect Host's strategic marketing features helps get your site in front of the people that matter the most.

Search Engine Optimization

Make your site easy for search engines and users to find.

Site-Wide Analytics

View in-depth information on your site's performance and activity.

Social Media Connection

Make it easy for customers to share your site with friends on their favorite platforms.

Robost Blog

Create and edit blog posts, manage comments, share on social and boost SEO.

Lead Management

Convert your biggest fans into customers through newsletter subscriptions.