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Tips for a great site

Organize your site
Break your site up into several sections. Use the home page to provide a brief overview of what you have to offer. With a little bit of text you can communicate everything that visitors might find on your site. Use additional pages to provide more details about products, services and other information that can be found on your site.

Create a professional appearance
When you are finished be sure to check the following list.

  • No blank pages
  • No blank images
  • Remove any under construction signs
  • Check your spelling

Clearly explain what you do
Visitors to your site may have no idea of what you have to offer. Make sure to quickly describe what you have to offer. When you look at your home page, pretend that you are visiting this site for the first time.

Make your site easy to read
Most people that come to your site will not want to read a lot of information. The typical Internet user scans pages looking for information. Use bold paragraph titles to give visual clues as to the details of paragraphs.

Let visitors know how to contact you
Make sure that your contact information (phone numbers fax numbers, email, mailing addresses) is easily accessible from any page on your site. Use the footer settings to place this information on every page.

Use contact forms to collect information
Feedback/Contact forms allow you to collect information from visitors to your site. Use the form to prompt them for information that you will need in order to provide them with the information that they are looking for.

No Blank Pages or Images
Make sure that the appearance of your site is complete. Even if you are still working on areas of your site you can provide enough information to make the page look complete. Visitors will not know thats you may be adding more information later.

Keep your site up to date
If you have information such as events or promotions that change over time, make sure that you update your web site to match. You can also change information on your site to give visitors a reason to come back.