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System Update: 4.99c / Jan 2021

Tuesday, January 19 2021

sys update

Stripe ApplePay

Support for ApplePay when you're using the Stripe payment gateway. Requires configuration within your admin

  • Log into your Stripe terminal
  • Select Settings in the left menu
  • Then choose Payment Methods under Payments
  • Select configure for ApplePay
  • Click the +Add new domain button located under Web domains
  • Enter the domain name for your website.
  • Before pressing Add, download the verification file: this will be a text file titled apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association
  • Go to File Manager in your website admin (located under the Admin tab)
  • Select the "HTML Files" tab
  • Click the folder+ button located on the file manager toolbar folderadd
  • In the folder name box enter .well-known as the new folder name
  • Select the new folder in the file list to navigate to that folder
  • Upload the apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association file you downloaded above
  • Go back to your terminal and click the Add button to complete adding your site as an ApplePay payment method
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System Update: 4.99b / Sep 2020

Saturday, September 12 2020

sys update

Editor Auto Search

Use the new search features to quickly find pages, customers, products orders and more. From the page list, use the search feature to quickly find your pages. In the store area, enter customer information, product names or order ids to quickly navigate to different pages in the site editor.

Power Image/Slider

The new power image/slider makes it easy to setup animated image headers/banners. Auto sizes to content with mobile responsive features. Add multiple images and setup animations. Create custom text overlays and add navigation buttons.

  • Auto size adjustments
  • Use in banner or on pages
  • Mobile responsive settings
  • Multiple images
  • Customizable text overlay
  • Add button links
  • 5 transition styles

Layout Sections

Use layout sections to quickly add content to your pages. Each section allows you to adjust the rows/columns to create a unique layout.

  • Add a background image, color or gradient
  • Set the section to span the full width of the screen
  • Move the section as a unit around the page.

Component Properties/Options

  • Insert Component
  • Add groupbox around component
  • Copy/Clone component
  • Adjust view animation
  • Quick move
  • Set web/mobile view
  • Adjust bottom margin

Pushlish Options

Use the component properties to set the publish status of our pages. You can choose to have specific componens on your pages published to web & mobile, web only, mobile only or unpublished. When a component is unpublished/draft it will only be seen when you are logged into edit your site. This allows you to make page updates in draft mode and then publish them when you are ready for the changes to be live.

Pixabay Image Search

Find images to use on your website. The image search has been added to the file manager so anytime you are selecting or uploading photos you have the option to search for images that you want to use.

Web Notifications

The web notifications upgrade allows visitors to register to receive notifications for you directly on their desktops.

Product comments update

The format and display of product comments has been enhanced.

Product Comment follow up automated emails

Setup automated emails to follow up on product comments.

Misc Updates

  • Product Tags
  • Updated photos gallery detail display
  • Misc updates for mobile

System Update: 4.98

Friday, June 22 2018

sys update

Site Builder Updates

We are preparing the next site builder system update. This update will feature many new enhancements and optimizations. We are in the the final stages of testing and are planning to enable features in phases. Not all of the features will be available at the same time.


  • HTTPS Security
  • Mobile Editing
  • Performance
  • Data/Privacy GDPR
  • Site Editor Updates
  • System/Components
  • Design Updates
  • Mobile Styling

HTTPS - TLS / Secure Connections enhancements.

With the Google Chrome update this July, Google will start displaying all websites that are not using HTTPS as "Not secure". The site builder update will automatically enable HTTPS for all websites. The system will install a HTTPS certificate and redirect all pages to secure mode. The certificate setup is completely automated and will not require customers to do anything. Basic certificates will be included with all site builder plans (no additional fees to users).

Even with the switch over to HTTPS, some sites may still not display as secure because they have custom HTML,scripts and code. Customers will need to review their sites and update any pages that are not displaying as secure.

We will still offer enhanced certificates for purchase.

Site Editor Mobile Mode

The mobile edit mode makes it much easier to manage your site and edit content from mobile devices. When logging in from a mobile device users will have the option to switch to the mobile editor. The mobile editor simplifies the editing environment and uses responsive design to make the site editor much easier to use.

Touch/Swipe Support

The content slider has been updated to support swiping left/right to change slides.

Performance/Speed Optimizations

Many optimizations are being enabled to help sites load faster on both web and mobile. Optimizations include..compressing and combining script/css files, optimizing scripts to load and run after the page loads,optimzing HTML pages, server enhancements, and more.

Privacy/Data Policy (GDPR)

Starting this month the Europe Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect. This regulation effects customers in the EU as well as any website that has customers/visitors from the EU. We are not experts on the law. It is very complex and has many requirements. It is up to website owners to determine what they must to do comply with the law. Depending on your location and where your customers are from, site owners may need to make adjustments to their site and how they use data.

Here are just a few of the components of the law....The law requires site owners to be more transparent about what data they collect from users and exactly how they use the data. Websites need to have a clear privacy/data policy. Users have a right to request all the data that you have collected about them as well as the right to have all of their data deleted (right to be forgotten). Data collection and usage is Opt In. Users must explicitly agree to each way that a site owner may want to use their data.

We are making adjustments to help site owners comply with the law and will continue updates as we learn more.

  • Check boxes for mailing list signup (not checked by default)
  • Form builder - new option to have required check boxes to submit a form
  • Global privacy policy setup - privacy link is automatically added to forms that collect data
  • Form to request user data - we are putting together a process to generate a report on data that the system has about a user. 
  • Form to request user data deletion - we are setting up a process to delete data about a user

NOTE: The site builder data reports will only include data from our systems. To be complaint with the law, site owners need to also report/delete any other data they have about users. This could be in emails, downloaded files, or data added to other systems out site the site builder such as a CRM system.

Site Editor UI

The site editor UI has been updated and optimized to make it easier to edit and manage your site. Many pages now have sticky apply buttons so you can scroll up/down and click apply without having to scroll back to the top or bottom.

Power Edit Key (Experimental)

When viewing or editing a page hold down the CTRL key when hovering over a component. Click the component to quickly access the component editor. This feature allows you to jump directly to the component editor without having to scroll around and click the "EDIT" link above the component. It can also be used on the site menu, banner, logos and footer areas.

InPage Editing (Experimental)

When editing a page, hover over text areas and titles. Click on highlighted areas to edit directly text on the page.

New Templates / Styles

New layouts have been added and with more layouts and style sets coming soon.

Design Area

The design area UI has been updated to focus on the design and text styles. With a couple of clicks you can easily adjust your base style settings for default text and titles.

New Design Styles

Several new styles have been added. These include groupboxes, page titles and tabbed content boxes.

Mobile Styling

More customization options are available to spice up your mobile website. Customize the mobile bar color/style/background image. Set the mobile button colors and fonts.

Menu Options

New templates now have the option to enable/disable the sticky menu and inverse menu options. You can also set the sub menu in/out animation styles.

Page Layout

Adjust column widths from the page layout area.

Page Layouts Modern Style

Several new starter page layouts have been added. Click add page and choose the modern layouts. New page layouts include a quick option to start with a single page website layout.

Social Networking Icons

New modern style social icons have been added. These icon styles are designed to help your pages load quickly.

File Manager

The file manager has been enhanced to make it easier to select and manage your images. View images and adjust image sizes so you can see more.

Component Slider/Flow

Add components into a slider. Choose how many components to show on the screen and use navigation arrows to cycle through the list. There is an option to quickly copy the last component to make editing faster. With component flow you set the number of columns and components are automatically arranged on the page to fit. Both the slider and flow modes are responsive and will auto adjust for mobile.

Form Builder

The form editor has been updated to help make setting up your forms easier. There is a new option to setup required checkbox fields. The UI for showing required fields to users has been updated.


New option to enable a "read more" button under the blog post summary. New blog styles.

Big Text Component

Add styled/larger text to your site.

Facebook Feed Plugin